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Everyone, Say Hello...

I'd like to introduce everyone to lexxxchristian.

Alexandra Christian... new author, and one of my bestest friends in the whole, wide world.

Her first novel, Hellsong is currently in production and will be availble for eBook purchase later this year.

She writes amazing fanfic too, and is my partner in crime on the Unmentionable Story for what is now the third summer. I love her more than chocolate, and I know everyone else will too.

Everyone say hi. Friend her, talk to her, keep her entertained. She's awesome, and will surely bring you glee.

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Crazy, crazy, and crazier

So last week was COMPLETELY lost in a sea of Relay fundraiser, mortgage company stupidity, and general drug-induced haze.

I'm still not done.

So yes...our first team fundraiser was Friday - soup luncheon. Good day for it too considering the nasty weather. Overall we made $450 and we're over half-way to our team goal already. We're moving along.

Speaking of Relay - STILL WRITING FOR DONATIONS! Go to THIS POST to read up on it. And to the two of you currently waiting on stories...I promise they're coming. I should have them proofed and ready for upload tomorrow. More later.


As for the mortgage company thing... well, I'm not ready to talk about that. But let's just say a fast refinance is going to be in order.


And the drug-induced haze: Muscle spasms in my left shoulder. Started early yesterday and haven't gone away. Excedrin, flexeril, and finally tylenol PM topped off my menu yesterday. And I've had excedrin this morning. Still not working. Damn.

So, that's me. How is everyone else on this Monday?

[Public] Ficcing for Progress!

Morning, everyone!

You'll see a lot of this icon for the next few months...I hope you don't mind. :)

Last night was the kickoff meeting for Chester County's Relay for Life, and I've been inspired. We found out that Chester County was very, very high up on the fundraising per-capita list for last year with $87,000. Considering our population base and education & unemployment rates, that is STUNNING. We want to make this year as huge as last, so I present to you...


That's right. Me. For a fee, of course.

Here's the deal:

1. I am willing to write for donations. You choose the story, and for $.01/word, I write it. Minimum of 1,000 words (or a mimum $10.00 donation, as that's what the site requires), maximum of 5,000 words (because I'm not a machine), to your specifications, within a week of your request.

2. Once I finish the story, I post my word count to your request. You follow this link: to My Personal Page and make your donation. When doing so, please include your Lj username in the "send a note" section so I know it's you.

3. Once I receive the notice (and I will), I will post the story publicly to My Writing Journal with a link back to your original request.

I promise you will get a complete story as you request it. Also, everyone that makes a donation will receive in the mail a small gift (including something hand-made) from me.

Because the donation page requires a billing address: I will not harass you by mail, stalk you at your home (unless you specifically request that I do, in which case it might take me awhile to get around to you :D ), give your address to potential stalkers, or bother you beyond sending that thank-you.

That having been said, Collapse )

Send all of your friends! If you know of ANYONE that might want to request a story (or offer writing services) for a really good cause, send them my way. And tell your friends to send their friends. :)

Thanks, guys!!!

[Public] Pimpage: Relay for Life

Good morning, guys!

I don't normally ask for things like this, but my office is setting up a team for Relay for Life this year, and I've been made Team Captain. As such, this is the post where I bat my eyes and ask everyone for donations. :)

CMD/CSD Donation Page

Please follow that link and make a donation to the American Cancer Society. Our team goal is a conservative $500.00, but we hope to make lots more than that. I'm not asking for much...anything is better than nothing.

Also, this is a public post, so anyone who wants to send others here *looks hopeful* can do so.

Thanks, guys!


Chester Relay For Life - This is the Relay we're doing. If you want to join in the fun, just sign up as part of our team - the "Join a Team" thing should pop up when you register. It's a $10 entry fee, but then you get to come spend that night walking around a football field with us. :)