Draickin und Phoenix (draickinphoenix) wrote,
Draickin und Phoenix

Crazy, crazy, and crazier

So last week was COMPLETELY lost in a sea of Relay fundraiser, mortgage company stupidity, and general drug-induced haze.

I'm still not done.

So yes...our first team fundraiser was Friday - soup luncheon. Good day for it too considering the nasty weather. Overall we made $450 and we're over half-way to our team goal already. We're moving along.

Speaking of Relay - STILL WRITING FOR DONATIONS! Go to THIS POST to read up on it. And to the two of you currently waiting on stories...I promise they're coming. I should have them proofed and ready for upload tomorrow. More later.


As for the mortgage company thing... well, I'm not ready to talk about that. But let's just say a fast refinance is going to be in order.


And the drug-induced haze: Muscle spasms in my left shoulder. Started early yesterday and haven't gone away. Excedrin, flexeril, and finally tylenol PM topped off my menu yesterday. And I've had excedrin this morning. Still not working. Damn.

So, that's me. How is everyone else on this Monday?
Tags: relay for life

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